Cops: Kid Beat Parents to Death With Hammer, Threw a Party With Their Bodies on the Floor

UPDATE: Police have provided us with a few extra details about the alleged hammer murders of Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley.

Cops in Port St. Lucie say a 17-year-old kid murdered his parents, then decided to throw a house party at their place -- while their bodies were still on the floor in a bedroom.

An anonymous tip led police to the house of Tyler Hadley and his parents around 4 a.m. yesterday, and while the cops were conducting a welfare check of the house, they noticed two things: Evidence of a house party and the bodies of his parents, according to a news release from Port St. Lucie police.

The bodies of Blake Hadley and his wife, Mary-Jo Hadley, were found in the locked master bedroom of the house, partially covered by "all sorts of household items," police say.

The cops say they found a hammer between the two bodies, and because of evidence of some blunt-force trauma, police say the hammer was likely used to kill them.

Police say they believe Hadley's parents were dead before he threw the party, which started around 9 p.m. Saturday.

He's currently being held in jail on two counts of first-degree murder.

The bodies of Hadley's parents are currently with the Medical Examiner's Office to determine an official cause of death.

A call to the Port St. Lucie Police Department for additional details was not immediately returned.

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