Cristiano Ronaldo Rushed by Fan at Sun Life Stadium

Sun Life Stadium hosted the inaugural Guinness International Champions Cup Wednesday night between powerhouse clubs Real Madrid and Chelsea.

And the capacity crowd of 67,273 were treated to an exciting match that featured two spectacular goals by Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo.

But, just past the 66th minute, the match was suddenly halted when a fan ran onto the pitch and embraced Ronaldo.

Ronaldo was surprisingly very cool about the whole thing.

The fan, wearing a replica Ronaldo jersey, ran up to the superstar, and threw his arms around him. It then appeared that the fan showered Ronaldo with praises and devotion.

Much to the delight of the South Florida soccer watching crowd, Ronaldo returned the embrace, nodded, laughed and generally made this guy's night (although we're sure the rest of his evening was spent in jail somewhere).

Ronaldo then gently walked the fan over to the awaiting arms of a police officer.

Ronaldo also put on a show with his actual soccer skills, scoring on a spectacular free kick in the 31st minute, and then putting in a second goal -- a header -- in the second half.

Real Madrid won the match 3-1.

Defusing a crazed fan running onto the pitch, and leading Real Madrid to the first-ever International Cup championship with a couple of badass goals.

Not a bad night for the Portuguese star.

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