David Boston Reminds Everyone He Exists After Allegedly Getting Drunk and Punching a Woman

Ever wonder what happened to former Miami Dolphins wide receiver David Boston? Well, we can tell you what happened to him last night -- he was arrested by Boca Raton cops after he allegedly got drunk and punched a female friend twice in the forehead, causing a wound that had to be closed up with stitches.

According to a police report, Boston, 33, was at a Boca Raton apartment with two women eating pizza, and one of the women watched Boston drink a bottle of vodka, followed by a bottle of wine and some unidentified pills.

When he was done with that, police say he asked the other woman to take him to the Hilton Garden Hotel and asked her to go outside so they could talk.

The woman told Boston she couldn't drive him because she'd been drinking, at which point police say Boston got angry and tried to pull the woman outside.

According to the report, the other woman attempted to intervene, and Boston ended up shoving both women onto a couch. Police say Boston then punched the woman who wouldn't drive him twice in the head, and he ran away after her friend said she was calling the cops.

Boston, who doesn't have a car, was found by the cops walking around just outside the development where the woman lived, Boca Raton Police Officer Sandra Boonenberg says.

Police went to the hospital to interview the woman, who said Boston had been living at her place for the past six weeks -- strictly as friends, she added -- because she "just wanted to help him out," although she'd recently asked him to move out of the house.

As for his NFL career, that was pretty disappointing too. After being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 1999, Boston made it to the Pro Bowl just two years later.

He signed a seven-year, $47 million contract with the San Diego Chargers in 2003 but was traded to the Dolphins for a sixth-round draft pick after the 2003 season.

Once in Miami, he tested positive for steroids. Boston also ended up tearing ligaments in his knee, never seeing game action in 2004.

His total career with the Dolphins lasted all of five games in the 2005 season, with four receptions and no touchdowns.

After that, he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but was released after he was found by police passed out behind the wheel in Pinellas Park, under the influence of GHB.

Boston went on to play one game in the Canadian Football League a year later before having to call it quits over yet another injury and pretty much fell off the map. Well, until yesterday.

Boston is currently being held in the Palm Beach County Jail on $3,000 bond for the aggravated battery charge.

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