Donald Trump Sticks to His Mexico Rhetoric Following NBC Firing

Donald Trump is going all-in on his stance against Mexicans coming into the United States illegally. This after being fired not once but twice for saying that those very same Mexicans are rapists who bring drugs into the country, even though Trump assumes some are pretty OK people.

As per his usual modus operandi, Trump first threatened to sue NBC for firing him and now has gone on Twitter to say that Mexico is not our friend. But, much like his great relationship with "the blacks," Trump says he loves the Mexican people.

He also declares that we should "FIGHT!" but it's unclear what he means by that:

Before that tweet, Trump fired up his usual rhetoric on strong borders and Mexico beating the United States when it comes to trade and then says "WIN!"

He then followed that up with a handful of tweets from supporters backing him, including one person who claims that NBC is violating Trump's First Amendment rights, even though NBC is not doing that at all.

Meanwhile, following the successful petitioning for NBC to fire Trump, a new petition has emerged. This time, a petition on MoveOn.org, asking Macy's to dump Trump has so far amassed more than 700,000 signatures. Trump sells a line of shirts and ties via Macy's, and he's appeared in several of its holiday commercials

The petition was started by activist Angelo Carusone, who has led petitions against Trump in the past, particularly when Trump was going around saying President Obama was really born in Kenya. Trump, of course, threatened Carusone with a lawsuit at the time

There's no telling how successful the Macy's petition will be for Carusone and those who signed it. Macy's has stood behind Trump in the past, regardless of his rhetoric. So it's highly unlikely it'll be getting rid of him like NBC did.

Until then, we can just keep following it on Trump's Twitter. Besides, where else will you find a presidential candidate who tweets like a 15-year-old boy who also quotes his own daily affirmations?

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