Donna Horwitz Charged With Murder; Allegedly Tried to (Poorly) Stage Ex-Husband's Suicide

Donna Horwitz, a 65-year-old Jupiter resident, was indicted by a grand jury late last week in the murder of her ex-husband that occurred just over one month ago.

It's safe to say that police got a little suspicious after Lanny Horwitz's body was discovered naked and face-down in the couple's bathroom with a gun in his hand, as he had been shot as many as ten times, according to a probable-cause affidavit from the Jupiter Police Department.

Horwitz's death was reported to police by a security guard responding to the house's alarm being set off around 7 a.m. on September 30, and when police attempted to interview his ex-wife, she declined and asked for a lawyer, the cops say.

The Horwitzes' son told police his parents have been divorced and remarried twice, with their last marriage taking place just over a decade ago.

He told police he thought it was strange his father would commit suicide, as his father had just gone out to dinner with friends last night, was in the process of completing a large business deal overseas, and had has bags packed to leave on a trip, possibly with a female business partner he may have had a relationship with.

Their son also told police that he woke up after hearing what sounded like two gunshots and that he had no idea how the house alarm ended up going off.

He may have underestimated the amount of bullets fired, as police say five bullets had been fired out of the gun found in Horwitz's hand, and another handgun in the couple's bedroom had been fired five times as well.

Police aren't sure exactly how many times Horwitz was shot but say the Medical Examiner's Office determined one of those shot was fired while the gun was placed directly into his mouth, and two other shots were fired while his body was on the floor, as there were impact marks from the bullets in the tile floor.

The cops discovered that the Horowitzes were actually divorced again and that Donna Horowitz was in the process of moving out of their home -- again.

Their son went to the cops a week later with a lawyer to give a more detailed statement of what happened, telling police he woke up to the gunshots and his mother's screaming and heard a gun dry-firing as he went to find her.

He told police his mother said Lanny Horowitz had attacked her, and his mother also told him several times that Lanny "was so awful."

The son told the cops he heard a "horrible gurgling sound" coming from his father when he entered the bathroom and said he backed out of the bathroom, but never touched a gun at any time. He also mentioned to police that he later gave a napkin to his mother to clean blood drops off of her foot.

The Palm Beach State Attorney's Office says Horwitz faces the death penalty after being indicted by a grand jury on first-degree murder.

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