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El Toro Loco: How Loco Is Too Loco?

Let's do a quick review of recent law enforcement visits to the suburban West Palm Beach nightclub El Toro Loco:

This past January, 17-year-old Maciel Martin Videla was in the club when he was lured outside, allegedly by his girlfriend, on the pretext of a drug deal, only to be stabbed to death by drug dealers who believed he was snitching on a seven-kilo drug deal.

In an unrelated incident this past August,

another teen was found dead in the parking lot of the nightclub, at 2928 S. Military Trail Road. It's not clear whether an arrest was made in that case.

Early this morning, following a fight that occurred inside the club, patrons were kicked out only to resume their discussion in the parking lot, where one combatant shot the other in the chest. The victim survived. A suspect is in custody. UPDATE / CORRECTION: It now appears that this third event occurred at a club at 1999 S. Military Trail Road previously known as El Toro Loco -- and now Jimmy's Cafe. We regret the error.

So that's two dead bodies and one gunshot to the chest in three separate, seemingly unrelated incidents in the past 12 months.

Mind you, the incidents all occurred in the parking lot, not the club itself.

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