Ernest Wallace, Accomplice to Aaron Hernandez, a Ghost in Miramar

Ernest Wallace, the man who turned himself in Friday in connection to the Aaron Hernandez murder case in Massachusetts, was denied bail on Saturday and is expected to face extradition at some point in the near future.

Wallace, 41, is alleged to have been present with the former New England tight end during the execution of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd. According to Miramar police, Wallace walked into a Miramar police station on Friday and surrendered on a charge of accessory to murder after the fact, after having seen his name on a news report. He is the third man to be arrested, along with 27-year-old Carlos Ortiz, in association with the murder.

"It's his intention to waive rendition proceedings and to return to Massachusetts," said David Meier, Wallace's attorney, to the Sun-Sentinel.

Authorities had been on the lookout for the fugitive in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Georgia and Florida. According to police, Wallace frequents his parents' home in Miramar.

If that's true, neighbors of the family haven't taken much notice.

"That guy they showed me a picture of the other day," said an unidentified neighbor, "I've never seen him. I've been here for years and never seen him. [The parents are] nice and quiet neighbors. I would have never thought this."

A "for sale" sign sits neatly in the front window of the Wallace family's blue and white, two-story home. Despite the overcast weather and sporadic showers, the flowers lining the front of the home continue to bloom. The freshly cut grass and well kept shrubbery give no indication of the media traffic that has stormed the block over the weekend.

"It's been a circus the last few days," explained the neighbor.

The Wallace family, who have lived in Miramar for over 20 years, have a reputation for keeping to themselves and staying out of trouble. A neighbor who gave his name as Martin says he painted the family's home eight years ago and goes in and out of the neighborhood. He says he has developed a strong relationship with Wallace's father, also named Ernest Wallace.

"He's the nicest guy you'll ever meet," he said. "I don't really see his son, though."

While most residents preferred not to speak about the recent disclosures, those who did confirmed the younger Wallace's ghostly reputation.

"Nobody knows him, he slides in and slides out," chimed in another neighbor.

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