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Florida Man Swallows Crack Pipe, Which Gets Lodged Horizontally In His Stomach

When a Florida man was stopped and searched by cops, he tried to conceal the crack pipe he was carrying.

Since cops tend to look in pockets and hats and shoes and pants, the man hid the pipe in the one place they wouldn't be able to spot during a patdown:

He swallowed it.

When he was taken to a local hospital, x-rays showed the pipe was lodged in his stomach horizontally.

According to a St. Lucie County arrest affidavit, cops were patrolling the 400 block of North 11th Street when they spotted one Oliver Johnson.

The report says Johnson was lurking and walking behind a home located in the area.

When cops approached Johnson, he was sweaty and acting nervous.

One of the officers walked up to Johnson, who tossed something under a parked car, according to the report.

Johnson then tried to hide something inside the brim of his hat. When the officer asked Johnson to take off his hat, they saw square white rocks -- crack cocaine. Police also found some paraphernalia in his pockets that tested positive for cocaine.

But apparently, Johnson still had his crack pipe. And since his hat and pockets were clearly already being used to hide stuff, he apparently swallowed the pipe before the cops approached him.

Johnson was arrested. When he was put through the jail's x-rays, authorities saw that he had hidden his crack pipe inside his body by swallowing it whole.

According to the report, the pipe had been lodged in his stomach horizontally. Johnson then had to be taken to the hospital.

In hindsight, of all the things he could have swallowed, the pipe was probably a poor choice.

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