Florida Man With Car Logo Tattooed on His Face Arrested for Identity Theft

A Broward man with the logo for Bentley luxury automobiles tattooed on his face has been charged with identity theft to file fraudulent income tax returns. Because what better way to pretend you're other people than with a car logo tattooed on your face?

He also has a shark tattooed on his face and works at a shoe store. So, in case you were wondering exactly which guy with the Bentley logo tattooed on his face, it's the one with the shark tatted on his face who works at a shoe store.

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The man, 26-year-old Derek Denesevich, had devised a scheme with help from a former Broward Clerk of Courts employee.

According to court records, the employee, Porscha Kyles, 26, misused her position to steal drivers' identities which Denesevich's then used to electronically file false tax returns to get refunds from the IRS. Denesevich would bay Kyles' cash for the information she'd provide.

Starting in 2011, Kyles provided Denesevich with names, dates of birth and Social Security numbers from the driver's license information she obtained.

In all, prosecutors say more than 100 Floridians had their identities stolen in the scheme, with a total loss of $120,000.

Kyles was caught stealing IDs at her job in 2012 and immediately fired. She then pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge and one count of aggravated identity paid $57,328 in restitution. She has since been sentenced to three years in federal prison.

As for Denesevich, he turned himself into the courts on Wednesday to face federal identity theft charges. We're guessing he was easy to spot, so getting arrested was going to be a foregone conclusion anyway.

According to the court, he is cooperating with investigators, while his lawyer claims he's doing everything he can to make amends and take responsibility for his actions.

Denesevich is charged with aggravated identity theft and conspiracy to possess unauthorized access devices.

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