Fort Lauderdale Police Release Best Places for Hookers, Drugs

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department added a new section to their website yesterday: It's for "Nuisance Abatement," and it contains "the addresses of properties where nuisance abatement warning letters have been sent and those properties that are currently under the jurisdiction of the Nuisance Abatement Board," per a release.

The way you get put under the jurisdiction of the Nuisance Abatement Board is by having a property with two violations in a six-month span for "unlawful sale, delivery, manufacture, or cultivation of any controlled substance," being used by "a criminal gang for the purpose of conducting criminal gang activity," being used to traffic in stolen property, or violating State Statute 796.07 -- the one about prostitutes.

In summary: Here, courtesy of FLPD, are the Fort Lauderdale establishments which the highest concentrations of gang, drug, and prostitution activity. Use it how you will, home-buyers and filers of public records requests.

1. Parisian Motel, 519 NW 23rd Ave.

2. Hurricane Motel, 2621 NW Ocean Blvd.

3. The "Rainbow Complex," 91 SW 31st Ave.

4. Apartments at 1704 NW 8th Ct.

5. House at 804 NW 4th Ave.

Aaaand the warnings:

6. House at 201 SW 11th Ct.

7. 1923 S. Federal Highway, home of... Sunrise Scooters? Could this have anything to do with their 'F' rating from the Better Business Bureau?


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