Hurricanes' Shane Larkin Will Return for His Junior Year to Take Down ACC Fools

Miami Hurricane point guard Shane Larkin is having himself a breakout season. And as a result, the Canes are on the basketball map for the first time ever.

Larkin is averaging 13.7 points and 4.4 assists for the Canes Men Hoops Kickass Brigade and has the team poised for a serious run at the top of the March Madness Mountain, where only the likes of Blue Devils, Tar Heels, and Wildcats are allowed to roam.

That's the good news.

The even better news:

Barry's kid is planning to not enter the NBA draft and instead to play at least one more season with the Hurricanes.

(Well, that's good news for Canes fans, anyway.)

Larkin told the media he's coming back for his junior year, which will be a tremendous help since most of the current starting squad will be moving on.

The star point guard says he's gotten advice about taking his ability to implode people's ankles to the pros, evaluating his stock as a prospect, and is even planning to get advice from Uncle Byron (Barry's brother) about it all, since he played pro ball overseas back in what historians call "the day."

For now, though, Larkin's mind is on kicking more ACC ass and getting his team deep into March Madness.

But he does leave us with this: "I don't see any reason to take that next step."

So even with an exodus of veteran players, we can expect to see Shane kicking Duke in the face with neon yellow-green shoes for at least one more season.

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