In Weird Commercial for Pistachio Nuts, Dennis Rodman Gets Nuked By Kim Jong-Un

By now, you've surely heard about basketball great/inimitable superfreak/sometimes South Florida resident Dennis Rodman going to North Korea to meet with dictator Kim Jong-Un not once but twice. Vice magazine initially sent Rodman to get an "in" with the basketball-loving leader; then Rodman went back at the behest of an Irish betting company.

Rodman has alternately seemed to embrace his role as a quasi-diplomat and completely rejected any notion that it's his job to be a diplomat. At one point, he said he would use his budding friendship with the reclusive dictator to work for the release of American citizen Kenneth Bae; then he smacked down any such speculation and called President Obama and Hillary Clinton "assholes."

Now, he's making light of his North Korean "friend for life" -- in a new commercial for pistachio nuts.

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The company Wonderful Pistachios has thrown gobs of money around in its marketing campaigns that feature prominent pop-culture stars. Current video campaigns include Psy, Snoop Dogg, boxer Manny Paquaio, Prancercise lady Joanna Rohrback, and an elephant. In 2009, the company featured impregnator-of-Sarah-Palin's-daughter Levi Johnston.

Rodman's ad shows him sitting next to an actor meant to be Kim Jong-Un. Rodman says, "The secret to world peace is... pistachios." Then the dictator presses a red button and annihilates Rodman in an explosion. A narrator says, "Dennis Rodman does it because he's nuts."

For your enjoyment:

And a bonus:


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