Is Casey Anthony Living in West Palm Beach?

For some bizarre reason, people still very much harbor a morbid curiosity for the whereabouts and goings-on of Casey Anthony, the Florida woman who who was found not guilty of murder charges related to the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. And now it appears she has resurfaced and, according to a report, is officially a West Palm Beach resident.  

The apparent evidence of this surfaced — ironically — on Mother's Day, when a listener of popular morning radio program KVJ Show sent this photo of a woman who appears to be Anthony taking part in the Women for Women 5K  at Bryant Park in Lake Worth. 

The woman certainly looks like Antony, and the 29-year-old is still someone people recognize in public. And, sure enough, on Sunday, Gossip Extra, after offering a $1,000 reward for info, reported that Anthony recently got a new driver's license with an address listed in West Palm Beach. 

It's been a while since someone spotted a woman who thought to be Anthony in public and creepily snapped a photo of her. In December 2012, someone who appeared to be Casey Anthony was spotted eating at a Flanigan's in Lake Worth. A grainy photo shows a woman who looks exactly like Anthony sitting in a booth. That photo was also sent to Gossip Extra at the time.

Now comes this new, equally fuzzy photo. 

In the wake of Anthony being able to walk free when some people believe she murdered — or at least had a hand in murdering — her little girl, one can conclude two things:

1. People still apparently care about Casey Anthony
2. She's as elusive as Bigfoot when it comes to getting a decent photo of her in public.

People also seem to still hate her, as evidenced by the barrage of Mother's Day tweets on Sunday that mentioned Anthony as a horrible mother:

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Chris Joseph
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