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Jenson Bolla-Sosa, Accused of Having Sex With Dog, Faces Charges Under Florida's New Antibestiality Law

Everybody had a good, amused chuckle when the Florida Legislature finally passed that antibestiality law last year -- "Oh, Florida," everybody said, figuring the thing would get relegated to cheesy lists of weird laws, in between the one about washing your house on Tuesday afternoons and the one about eating pickles in church.

But now 28-year-old Fort Lauderdale man Jenson Bolla-Sosa is facing charges under that new law after witnesses reported seeing him having sex with a dog, according to police.

There was no telling what was going to happen to him when he went before Fort Lauderdale first-appearance Judge Jay Hurley yesterday. Two months ago, when a Plantation man was arrested on charges he held his wife by the throat and raised his hand to punch her in the face, Hurley said that instead of setting bail, he was making the man take his wife bowling and to Red Lobster.

What would he do this time? Make Bolla-Sosa buy a crate of Milk-Bones? A week of trips to the dog park? Nah -- after nearly denying bail altogether, he set bail at $12,000, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

Hurley said that "abuse of an animal in certain circumstances can be just as significant and troubling" as abuse of a human. At least he's setting higher bails for abuse of something.

In addition to charges of animal cruelty and resisting arrest, Bolla-Sosa faces a charge under the new law that made it illegal to "knowingly engage in any sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal." The bail also didn't end up making a difference because he's being held pending an immigration investigation.

The gross details of that alleged sexual conduct are in the police report. According to police, the redacted section after "The def without being prompted..." was blacked out under the section of the Florida public records law that requires redaction of information "revealing the substance of a confession." Woof.

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