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JetBlue Flight Attendant Smuggles Heroin into Florida

A female JetBlue flight attendant was arrested for smuggling chocolate candy-shaped heroin into Florida from South America.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration were tipped off that the flight attendant had been smuggling smack on board flights, and were able to nab her when she tried bringing in more from Colombia.

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According to authorities, Carla Michelle Alvarado, of Kissimmee, was busted in September after customs agents found the drugs.

Alvarado's flight had come into Orlando from Colombia. Customs officers inspected the entire crew after receiving the tip, but found drugs only on Alvarado, who admitted that she had the drugs stuffed inside a body suit she was wearing under her flight attendant uniform.

Officers inspected the body suit, and found heroin pellets that had been shaped to look like chocolate candy.

Alvarado pleaded guilty in federal court, and admitted that she had been smuggling drugs into the U.S. for Jorge Luis Alomar, a man she knew from Central America.

Almoar, Alvarado said, would pay her $10,000 for delivering the heroin to him

According to the Sun-Sentinel, feds set up a sting to nab Alomar with Alvarado's help.

Alvarado and Alomar set up a meeting at a restaurant for her to deliver him the goods.

At the restaurant, Alomar took a bag from Alvarado during an exchange. Agents moved in and arrested Alomar.

Alomar eventually pleaded guilty in federal court.

He admitted to sending money to Colombia for heroine. Once the drugs were delivered to him by Alvarado, Alomar would then sell the drug on streets of Orlando.

Alomar had apparently hidden heroin throughout his house, under the carpet and in the ceiling vent, according to feds.

Both Alvarado and Alomar are scheduled to be sentenced in April.

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