LeBron James Almost Killed a Dude With One of His Laser Passes

If you're too busy still hating LeBron James, then you really are missing out on enjoying a player we pretty much haven't seen in a long time, if ever.

As he did last season, James is quietly dominating the NBA with his basketball awesomeness, earning his second-straight NBA Player of the Month, and scoring 20 or more points in 30 straight games.

He also remains a quadraphonic-earth-cleaving hybrid. He's called a forward, but really his real position is EVERYTHING.

LeBron is not just a dominant scorer. He's an assist machine, dishing out passes that, quite simply, are bananas.

And last night, during the Miami Heat's 119-109 win over the visiting Dallas Mavericks, LeBron almost blew a guy's head off with one of those passes.

Early in the third quarter, LeBron tried a back-door pass to Dwyane Wade, who was headed toward the basket.

James unleashed a thunder-bolt pass, but Wade stopped short of being there -- probably because he thought it would implode his entire body.

The errant pass flew into the stands and hit a man sitting courtside. The man, who appeared to be a photographer (or just a fan with a camera), got a gash on his face when the ball hit his camera.

A member of the Mavericks' medical staff went over to attend to the man, while LeBron walked over and shook the man's hand. Probably because he was impressed he wasn't dead.

Later on, to make up for almost killing him, LeBron posed for a shot just for the man after converting the eventual game-sealing layup And-1.

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