LeBron James Tells Media "Get the F*ck Outta My Face" During Locker Room Celebration

After the Miami Heat players clobbered the San Antonio Spurs and crushed the spirits of Heat Haterz America and got their trophy, T-shirts, and caps, they headed into the locker room to spray champagne on one another and get the crazy started.

The Miami Herald's Kabir Khiatani took some video of the ruckus and caught LeBron James in a candid moment with the very same men who have been questioning his character, calling him a choker, and nitpicking every fiber of his being for the past three years.

Namely, he told them to fuck off and leave him alone.

The video starts off with Heat players gathered in a circle yelling out the WE FIGHT chant and then spraying bubbly all over themselves.

LeBron sees the mics and, almost as if automatic, begins talking about how he feels to be a champ, how he's grateful for the organization, his teammates, yada yada yada.

Then, as if his brain reminded him that he, LeBron James, had just won his second-career NBA Championship and was just named the greatest player on the face of the planet and therefore doesn't owe anyone anymore answers, he stops the interview and tells the reporters, "It was great. It feels great. I don't want to talk to y'all no more. Leave me alone. Get the fuck out of my face. I'll see y'all at the podium."

Of course, the Haterz will now use this isolated moment to jump on LeBron's neck and express their tiresome, insufferable, and pathetic outrage that LeBron is the worst human person alive!!! because he said the word "fuck."

Because only the Haterz are allowed to have a moment of playful frustration and say the word "fuck."

But here's the thing.

First, LeBron -- like most superstar athletes -- probably has this kind of relationship with reporters behind closed doors.

Second, these are the same men who have made a living scrutinizing every single moment of LeBron's life and prodded every single minute detail of his very existence since he became a member of the Miami Heat.

They've questioned his integrity, written that he's a choker, that he shrinks in big moments, compared him to the Myth of Michael Jordan (as if MJ never missed a game-winning shot or never lost a playoff series or never had 5-for-30 nights), said he'd never hit a championship-winning shot, questioned his desire to be a champion, called him a coward, and fueled the flames and led the charge in America's HEY LOOK AT HOW TERRIBLE LEBRON JAMES IS BECAUSE HE WENT TO ANOTHER TEAM BECAUSE NO ONE EVER DONE THAT BEFORE LET'S ALL POINT AT HIM AND SAY WHAT AN ABOMINATION HE IS! bullshittery.

So, please, Heat Haterz America, you can excuse LeBron a moment of letting out some steam and telling these very men to get the fuck out of his face.

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