Let It All Hang Out, All Together: World-Record Skinny-Dip Planned Next Week

If you were ever inclined to be a part of a world-historical event involving thousands of naked people, well hell, this is your week.

July 7 to 14 happens to be Nude Recreation Week, that yearly stretch of the calendar where we celebrate all things dropsical and low-hanging. This time up, the week's big finish is an attempt at the world record for the most people simultaneously in the water sans suit.

Of course, there's a South Florida connection here.

First, it's not what you might think. Actually, scratch that; it is exactly what you might think -- a bunch of people getting down to what God gave them, then flopping those wonderful privates in the water.

But it's not like one big skin fling at a single organized location. The attempt is spread out across the country.

This is actually the third shot at setting the record. The last attempt -- like this year's, the deal is being stage-managed by the American Association for Nude Recreation and the Naturist Society -- was in 2010. Then, 14,110 people dipped their parts into the ocean without the aid of any clothing. In 2009, the event pulled in 13,648 participants.

Next week's setup is the same deal. Coordinators have arranged events at "clubs, beaches, rivers, lakes, rented pools, and back yards" all set to go at the same time next Saturday.

The locations are spread out all over the country. Florida -- this is no surprise -- is hosting ten events for the Big Dip. Down here in SoFla, you can stop by Sunsport Gardens in Loxahatchee to get in on the action or Sanibel Naturalists in Fort Myers. The full list of cleared naked locations is here.

You have to be at least 18 to participate, and $10.95 gets your a T-shirt that... you probably won't have much need for, if this is your cup of tea.

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