Madden NFL 12 Ratings Released for Dolphins: Brandon Marshall Good, Chad Henne Bad

For those of you who have bought EA Sports' Madden titles year after year (after year after year), the prerelease hype is all about how accurate or inaccurate the in-game ratings of players can be.

For this year's Madden NFL 12 release, they've released the individual player ratings for the first two teams -- the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills.

The good news for the videogame Dolphins: Wide receiver Brandon Marshall has a great catching ability. The bad news: Quarterback Chad Henne probably isn't getting the ball there.

Marshall has been given the second-highest overall rating of the team with a 92, behind only offensive tackle Jake Long (97).

Henne was given a rating of 77, with a throwing accuracy of 75.

The roster doesn't include the roster's most recent additions, like running back Reggie Bush, and still includes players no longer with the team, like quarterback Tyler Thigpen -- who has the same throwing accuracy rating as Henne.

Here's what ESPN has to say about the Dolphins' Madden 12 lineup:

For the Dolphins, Brandon Marshall might have the big name, but the key is getting the ball to Davone Bess. With 96 acceleration and 95 catching, Bess has the hands to catch just about any ball, make his man miss, and take off down the sidelines with the best of them. I like to put him in the slot to create mismatches, then let his playmaking ability go to work.

Click here for the full player ratings of the Fins in Madden NFL 12.

Note: If you don't like videogames (or football), you're going to have to trust us that the preceding information is important to a lot of people.

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