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Mark Oxner, Florida Congressional Candidate, Releases Terrifying Anti-Obama Ad

Though the new Florida congressional district lines haven't been finalized, candidates for office in what will be the new 27th District are starting to mobilize -- former Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson, who was booted out of his District 8 office in 2010, raised more than half a million dollars between January and September of last year. Republican opponent Mark Oxner hasn't raised anything yet, according to the latest Federal Election Commission filings, but he has released his first attack ad... we think.

The 39-second ad appears to be set on a slave ship called the "U.S.S. Obamaboat," which flies an upside-down American flag and is filled with a cast of characters that includes bailed-out bankers, health-care freeloaders, Guy Fawkes, corporate fat cats, and a blond woman in a bathtub who says "stimulated" in a way that made us vaguely uncomfortable.

There is no explanation of why the only specific attack on Grayson is to turn him into a bird and have him squawking. Take that, people who think specific criticisms are helpful. The dark, confusing video is below, if you're in the mood for some nightmare fuel but don't want to actually learn too much about the issues:

It might also be fun to hop over to YouTube to check out the video comments -- Oxner's staff appears to be dishing out sassy replies to commenters. Oxner said in a news release that he'd "be releasing several more like this over the coming months." We can't wait.

(If you're wondering where the hell District 27 is, we can't tell you for sure, and neither can anyone else, yet. Documents from the Florida Senate show the proposed District 27 encompassing most of Oceola County, plus bits of Orange and Polk counties, if the map survives probable challenges in court.)

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