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Miami Dolphins' Derrick Shelby Was Touching Women Without Permission, According to Police Report

Details have begun to emerge about Miami Dolphins' defensive lineman Derrick Shelby's arrest early Saturday morning.

According to a police report, Shelby was asked to leave Cyn Nightclub -- the Fort Lauderdale club formerly known as Off the Hookah -- after touching women without permission. He also resisted the responding officer by blocking the entrance and exit of the nightclub.

Monday morning, following their own investigation on the matter, the Dolphins announced they suspended Shelby indefinitely.

According to a police report, Shelby was asked by the responding officer to move out of the way from the exit of the club located at 111 SW Second Ave. in Fort Lauderdale.

Shelby, who appeared intoxicated, refused to move and asked the officer, "What are you going to do?" according to the Palm Beach Post.

Shelby then took out his cell phone and began to take pics of the officer and record him on video. At this, the officer asked for assistance from other law enforcement officials. But Shelby wouldn't budge, even after more commands from officers to do so.

The officer then told Shelby he was under arrest for trespassing. As officers moved in to cuff him, Shelby shoved away from them and then took "an aggressive fighting stance."

Officers also reportedly tased Shelby three times. The first two times he was tased had no effect on him, police say.

While on the ground, Shelby refused to give up his arms to be cuffed and used his body weight to keep the officers from lifting him and taking him away.

According to the Broward County Sheriff's Office, Shelby was charged with trespassing and resisting arrest without violence -- both misdemeanor charges.

Shelby's attorney says his client was maintaining his innocence.

Calling the arrest "disappointing," the Dolphins announced Shelby's suspension Monday morning.

Here's the full statement by head coach Joe Philbin:

"We were disappointed to learn about Derrick's arrest. Everyone in this organization is held to high standards of conduct and professionalism. Based on my conversations with Derrick and the information we have thus far, Derrick will be placed on Indefinite Club Suspension. When we have completed all of the necessary diligence, we will make a final determination on his discipline."

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