Survey: Miami Dolphins Will Be NFL's Biggest Food Spenders This Season

OK, everyone pitch in $79.80 for the food!
OK, everyone pitch in $79.80 for the food! Photo by Morsa Images/Getty Images
Football and food go together like an iconic rock band. Separately, they're still stars. But put them together and the real magic happens.

Unfortunately for Miami fans, according to a new survey, eating for three hours on gameday this year might cost as much as a concert ticket.

The survey conducted by USBetting found that no fanbase in the NFL will spend more on eats during the 2022 season than Miami Dolphins fans.

The survey found that of 1,366 NFL fans polled, those rooting for the Dolphins would likely spend an eye-popping $79.80 per person during each game this season — the highest amount in the league. By contrast, at the bottom of the list came supporters of the Los Angeles Chargers, who estimate they'll shell out $29.10 apiece per game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans and Jacksonville Jaguars fans come off as relative cheapskates, checking in at $42.40 and $30.50, respectively. (One has to wonder what Jaguars fans subsist on.)
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The survey found on average, NFL fans will spend $46.90 per person on gameday in 2022, on average $11 more than fans did last season.

Other Dolphins fan findings to come out of the survey include:
  • Chicken wings are Dolphins fans’ favorite game-day food.
  • 66.7 percent of Dolphins fans said they will be watching the games at home.
  • Of those watching at home, 55.6 percent prefer to cook, while 44.4 percent will order takeout.
USBetting says the goal of the preseason survey was to discover what NFL fans expect to eat this season, where they prefer to watch the game, how much they are willing to spend this season compared to past seasons, and other food patterns and behaviors. 
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