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Miramar Cops Under Investigation After Bad-Mouthing Commissioner on Recorded Line

Miramar police have launched an investigation into whether officers disrespected a city commissioner -- on tape.

It all started when Miramar Commissioner Alexandra Davis stopped by the police station on Good Friday to pick up tickets for a Caribbean festival.

Davis' tickets weren't ready, so she called the police chief. She didn't think much of it. But once she left, the switchboard lit up.

According to audio obtained by the Pulp, Miramar police officials can be heard calling Davis "downright nasty," "rude," "miserable," and "a wrath of God."

"Nothing personal, but her shit doesn't smell any better than mine," said Miramar 

Police Department Communications Officer Bonnie Borgmann.

Another officer responded: "No, no, you're right -- that's how they are."

In between hurling insults, Borgmann answered the police line: "Miramar police, serving our community -- how can I help you?"

Once an officer identified himself on the line -- and it wasn't someone calling for emergency help -- it was back to ripping into Davis.

"Every time there's one of these Caribbean events!" a male officer told Borgmann. "How ethical is it for somebody to take free tickets and then get one for her boyfriend too?"

Borgmann quickly cut him off to tell him: "And he's as white as snow."

"Oh, is he?" the officer asked, as if that were something serious.

Later, Borgmann adds: "I'll run her DL [driver's license] to see if it's suspended."

The officer responds: "Uh-huh, yeah."

At one point, Borgmann paused: "I'd better keep my mouth shut; I'm on a taped line."

By then, it was too late. All calls to the city's police communications center are taped and were released to the Pulp through a public records request after a tip about the interoffice phone calls.

"The tapes don't lie," said Glenn Rice, Davis' assistant -- not boyfriend -- who was present with her the afternoon she went to pick up the tickets. "She conducted herself like a lady the entire time she was at the station." Rice said Davis did not want to comment pending the department's investigation.

"In light of your public records request, we became aware of the recordings and are investigating the matter internally," said Tania Rues, a public information officer for Miramar PD. "This precludes us from commenting further."

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