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Monthly Hot Swingers Party Launches in Lauderdale

In case you missed International Swingers Day on August 15, there's still time to get your costume ready for the inaugural HOT SWINGERS PARTY on Halloween, the first of a series of "themed" events devoted to a celebration of open relationships and the people who love them.

And wipe that scandalized look off your mug: Swinging has gone mainstream. The Broward Sheriff's office no longer sends undercover agents to frolic at these parties. Many a local politician, we hear, has given the lifestyle an enthusiastic thumbs-up. And if you're still feeling queasy, it strikes us at the Juice that Halloween might be an ideal time to dip your baby toe into the warm whirlpool of wife-swapping,

since no one wearing a mask will look out of place (you might wanna save the Elmo and Richard Nixon costumes for another party, though). The organizers, based in Fort Lauderdale, hope to turn Hot Swingers Party into a franchise that they can replicate across the country.

This enterprise has several things to recommend it, as swinging events go (not that we would know!). Nobody but attendees, who buy tickets in advance, get to find out the location. The party is free for unescorted ladies. The P.R. promises a "glamorous" dance floor and a full bar. Unescorted males have to show up with a couple. And the tickets are fairly reasonably priced -- $35 for couples if you buy in advance.

Future themed events include lingerie, Xmas, schoolgirl, Valentine's Day, and St. Patrick's Day. Suggest your preferred themes in the comments section below.

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