Morning Juice: Break in 25-Year-old Murder Case in Jupiter; Ethics Panel Driving Hard Bargain in Broward

Your daily glance at the headlines in South Florida:

  • The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office closed a 25-year-old cold case yesterday with the help of DNA evidence that linked a Fort Myers man to the 1984 murder of Vickie Lynne Long in Jupiter. The suspect, Todd Clayton Campbell, was 22 and lived on the same street as the Longs when the 28-year-old single mother was raped and beaten to death in a wooded area in the neighborhood. [Palm Beach Post]
  • Street vendors and traffic jams are hopeful signs of life returning to some semblance of normalcy in Haiti's capital. [WPLG-10]
  • Admittedly, it's a little surreal to have a political player like Bill Scherer heading the Broward County Ethics Task Force, but he and his crew have come up with some tough policies, like banning gifts of any kind from lobbyists and appointing a permanent "ethics czar" to police the County Commission after this task force wraps up its business next month. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • The Fort Lauderdale Commission is joining the popular trend for red light cameras, agreeing to their installation at ten of the city's most dangerous intersections. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Lawyer and local school activist Shelly Solomon Heller has dropped out of the race for Stephanie Kraft's seat on the Broward County School Board, citing frustration over how the campaign cut into her time with family. [Miami Herald]

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