No New Leads in Case of Claudia Murphy, Missing Coral Springs Woman, Husband Says

​Police still have no idea what could have happened to 45-year-old Claudia Murphy, her husband, Frank Murphy, told the Pulp late yesterday.

He rejected reports that she was suffering from amnesia but did say she'd spent several weeks fighting off some kind of stomach problem that gave her "flu-type symptoms" that would leave her "totally out of it" every few days before getting better. She was sick last Monday, he said, but was feeling fine after that.

"Friday morning when I left, she seemed to be in good spirits," he said. Then she -- and her black 2005 BMW convertible -- disappeared.

She visited a bank Friday at 1 p.m., and police report she was spotted crossing Route 441 in Margate. Frank Murphy said that this would have been "extremely out of the ordinary" and that she'd have done that for "absolutely no reason, unless the car broke down or she couldn't drive." He said it was possible she got out to ask for help because she didn't bring her cell phone with her.

Still, that doesn't explain where the car went; the Sun Pass inside hasn't been used since Friday, and neither has Murphy's credit or debit cards.

If you think you have any information, Coral Springs Police ask you call Det. Chris Collins at 954-346-1262 or the police department at 954-344-1800. Murphy is 45 years old, five-foot-ten, and weighs about 170 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair.

"There are no solid leads," Frank Murphy said. "We're really putting a lot of emphasis on trying to find the car."

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