Oakland Park Man Dies After Taser Blast From BSO Deputy

A 31-year-old Oakland Park man died shortly after being shot with a Taser by a Broward Sheriff's Deputy early yesterday morning, police say.

James Doe (yes, that's his real name) was trying to kick in the door of his girlfriends apartment at the Lake Pointe apartment complex in Oakland Park when deputies were called, according to the cops.

By the time deputies arrived on the scene, Doe was successful at kicking down his girlfriend's front door, although he was simply standing inside the apartment, police say.

Doe didn't really want to be arrested though, as the cops say he was kicking and being violent in the back of a patrol car.

Police say he was trying to kick out the windows of the patrol car in an effort to escape when a deputy blasted him once with the Taser.

That knocked Doe unconscious, and he later died at a nearby hospital.

Cops say that was the second time they had showed up to his girlfriend's apartment that night, after they'd chased him off her property only a few hours before.

A sheriff's office spokesperson says Doe's death is currently under investigation.

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