Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel Tweets That He Once Shot at a Guy With Intent to Harm

Omar Kelly, the Sun-Sentinel's Miami Dolphins beat writer, tweeted out that he once shot at a man with intent to harm.

It appears that Kelly was pontificating how one's environment doesn't mold one's character, or some such thing, when he randomly sent out a tweet that read:

"I've shot a gun at a man with intent to do harm. I often wonder what my life would be like had I not missed."


Kelly has since deleted the tweet, but because the internet never forgets (and because Omar Kelly has alienated and pissed off so many of his readers by being a condescending jerk towards them), the tweet in question has been saved for all to see.

Kelly seems to have tweeted this out around 1 p.m. or so, and has since vanished from Twitter, which is a little strange because he's fairly active in the social media site.

Calls to the Sun-Sentinel have not been returned, and no word yet on if Kelly has been reprimanded or is facing any heat over the tweet.

We'd be shocked if a columnist who basically admitted he tried to kill a dude doesn't get some kind of punishment.

For the moment, twitter is left to ponder.

Deuces, indeed.

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