Omar Kelly Sort of Explains His Tweet About Shooting at a Guy

Yesterday we told you about Sun-Sentinel Miami Dolphins beat writer, Omar Kelly, taking to the Twitter machine and getting his Johnny Cash on by telling the world he once shot at a man with intent to harm.

Kelly deleted the tweet, and then promptly disappeared.

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Speculation on what the repercussions would be were rampant, but mostly wishful thinking (lots and lots of people dislike Omar Kelly very much, you see).

We placed a couple of calls to the Sentinel but never heard back. And then Kelly emerged from his silence and tweeted out some sort of nebulous, half-assed explanation, kind of, sort of telling people why he shared what he did.

Uh... wut?

It's pretty amazing. Even in expressing his regret, Omar Kelly manages to come off as a condescending gasbag who wants to enlighten us troglodytes with his effervescent knowledge.

He screwed up and tweeted out something completely inappropriate for OUR benefit!

How benevolent of him!

Still no explanation on what exactly he was talking about, or why he deleted the tweet.

But as long as we all learn from his life experience. That's what counts here.

Keep in mind, this is the same guy that belittles people on Twitter that ask him genuine questions about the Miami Dolphins, and once insulted a reader by saying he banged the reader's mom (Kelly, of course, deleted that tweet too).

So we supposed the life lesson Omar Kelly is passing down here is: Working at the Sun-Sentinel is really cool since you can apparently do whatever you want and never get in trouble for it.

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