Luongo is a wall in the net.
Luongo is a wall in the net.

Panthers Win Ten Straight; Fans Stay Home

C'mon you stinkin' fickle fans. Go to the games. 

The Dolphins are done. The Marlins are "a joke," according to one rival owner. The Heat is winning, but now faces about a million away games that will probably chip away at that solid record.

But the Panthers — the best top-tier sports team based in the area — are winning. Goalie Roberto Luongo starred as the Panther took their tenth straight yesterday in Buffalo. A guy who could be a grandfather, Jaromir Jagr, scored the first goal. The streak is the longest in the NHL since Boston won 12 in 2013-14.

Yet Sunday night — a weekend night — when they were playing a solid Minnesota team out there in Sunrise and took their ninth win in a row, they drew 15,426. Jagr scored two goals. Not a bad crowd, but 15 percent less than they drew at an away game against the last-place Buffalo Sabres on a Monday night. 

For the year, the damn Panthers are fourth from last in the NHL in attendance, just ahead of Arizona and behind Columbus (not the explorer, the Blue Jackets). Where is Columbus, anyway? 

Moreover, the Broward County commissioners just gave these guys tens of millions of dollars to keep em at the BB&T. You, dear taxpayer, are paying for them to be there, so you might as well take advantage.

So get your butt to the Panthers' next game, which is Monday January 18 against the Edmonton Oilers at 7:30 p.m. Get your tickets from Ticketmaster

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