PBSO Goes Viral by Trolling Young Woman on Twitter Who Wanted Some Weed

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office runs on a budget of almost a half billion dollars, with Sheriff Ric Bradshaw asking for $471 million next year. And apparently, part of that money is necessary so PBSO can hang out on Twitter and harass young females who just want to get a little high.

In a tweet that went viral last night, PBSO offered to “meet” a young woman who had tweeted that she wanted somebody to bring her some weed.

In just a few hours, PBSO, which runs on a budget that is almost double the rest of the county government budget, got more than 14,000 retweets and grabbed the attention of the social media world. Even CNN's Jake Tapper tuned out Donald Trump's national trolling performance to acknowledge PBSO's Twitter skills.

As for rosa_sparkz, she seemed to laugh off the fact that PBSO, which has shot 114 people since 2000 (25 percent of those shot were unarmed), is paying attention to her tweets – or at least typing “weed” into the search box and cracking wise (or pathetically looking for leads on suspects).

And on Instagram, she wrote: "bruhhhh. The Feds got me poppin right now on twitter." 

She even dropped some good-natured criticism of how police sometimes overestimate the street value of drugs.

Most replies expressed the inherent humor of a PBSO deputy lurking Twitter looking for potheads, but some saw it as a waste of police resources.

Maybe $500 million per year is not enough?
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