Police Release Brutal Details of Tyler Hadley Allegedly Murdering His Parents With Hammer

The Port St. Lucie Police Department today released the arrest affidavit of 17-year-old Tyler Hadley, who's accused of beating both of his parents to death with a 22-inch framing hammer, then throwing a party in the house with the corpses of his parents still in the bedroom.

The report explains gruesome details of the alleged murders, as told by Hadley to one of his friends.

Included in that explanation is the alleged murder itself. Hadley told his friend that while his mother was sitting and facing her computer, Hadley stood behind her for five minutes while he thought about killing her -- before bludgeoning the back of her head with a hammer multiple times, according to the report.

That same friend -- who remains anonymous in the police report but gave an interview to a local television station -- phoned in the anonymous tip to CrimeStoppers at 4:24 a.m. Sunday, saying Hadley had killed his parents with a hammer, the report says.

Cops responded to the Hadley household, where Hadley said there was no one in the house.

"Tyler appeared nervous, frantic, and very talkative while speaking to the officers," the report says, at least in part corroborating the ecstasy theory. "He also appeared to have a blank stare, and his pupils very large."

Hadley said his parents were in West Palm Beach and Hadley wouldn't let the cops in his house. Based on the circumstances of the anonymous call, Hadley's behavior, and his missing parents -- as well as several other factors -- police say they had to make an emergency entrance into the home.

That's when cops immediately noticed that it looked like "a house party had been conducted," with beer bottles and plastic cups just about everywhere, the tobacco portions of cigars missing from their blunt wraps, and furniture turned over everywhere.

Police say they noticed dried blood on several surfaces outside the locked master bedroom, including on the door frame and floorboards.

One of the officers was able to turn the knob hard enough to open the door, where they say they saw "what appeared to be every piece of furniture" from the house inside that room, including dining chairs, a coffee table, clothes, mirrors, bedding, towels, and papers.

Police say they saw a large amount of blood on the floor and bed sheets, as well as a blood-soaked towel -- underneath which was the body of Hadley's father, 54-year-old Blake Hadley.

The cops picked up more of the items covering the room until they uncovered the second body, that of his mother, 47-year-old Mary-Jo Hadley.

That's when police called in Hadley's friend for an interview, where he relayed the story Hadley had told him, according to the report.

He said Hadley had told him he was going to kill his parents, which he's said to him before, the report says.

While the party at their place was in full swing, Hadley took his friend outside and "confided" in him that he'd killed both his parents, according to the report:

Tyler also told M.M. (the friend) that he stood behind his mother while she was sitting at the computer and thought about killing her for about five minutes. Then he decided to strike his mother in the back of the head with a hammer. When he began hitting her she screamed and turned around and asked Tyler Hadley "why?" His father then came out of the bedroom and looked at tyler. Tyler told MM that he and his father stared into each other's eyes for a minute. Tyler said he then went after his father and murdered him.

Hadley then reportedly told his friend that it took three hours to clean up all the blood "and that it had been more than he expected," but his friend didn't believe him.

That's when Hadley took him upstairs and showed him their bodies, the report says.

Hadley's plan was reportedly to take ten Percocet pills to kill himself, but then the cops showed up to his house.

Hadley has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder and would not be eligible for the death penalty due to his age.

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