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Ronald Vinci's Murder Gets Ever Weirder With Girlfriend's Family Ties to Phil Spector

In an odd progression of events, the death of 70-year-old multimillionaire Ronald Vinci -- which started as a "suspicious death" when Fort Lauderdale cops were called to the scene of his duct-taped body and quickly morphed into a stabbing, shooting, throat-slashing, skull-bashing all-in-one murder -- now includes a link to music producer and convicted killer Phil Spector.

Catherine Pileggi, Vinci's 54-year-old girlfriend, is being held in his killing, after police released the bizarre circumstances surrounding Vinci's death.

In an arrest affidavit released by Fort Lauderdale cops, Pileggi told police she had blamed Vinci for the "sudden" death of her sister, Angela Pileggi Silverstein, on a Caribbean cruise on December 21, 2009 -- the same sister who testified at Spector's murder trial in 2007.

Of course, that wouldn't make things strange enough.

Angela was only testifying at Spector's trial to give testimony against another of their sisters, Melissa Grosvenor.

Our comrades over at True Crime Report have some of the details of the strange happenings:

It seems bizarre behavior from the sisters Pileggi runs in the family. According to Vinci's friends, Catherine apparently blamed him for the death of her sister, Angela Pileggi Silverstein, during a Caribbean cruise in 2009.

Angela is presumed to have died from a drug overdose, though we've found no word on why Catherine might have blamed Vinci for the death.

And before the 45-year-old Angela died, she testified against another sister, Melissa Grosvenor, during the murder trial of music producer Phil Spector, who was charged with killing an actress at his California home.

In that trial, Grosvenor testified that she once had a relationship with Spector and that he had threatened her with a gun. 

So defense lawyers trotted out Angela Pileggi Silverstein as a rebuttal witness. She testified that Grosvenor was making the entire story up, contending that her sister was a fame-whore whose only mission was to get on Court TV.

According to Angela's gravesite information, she was living in the Las Olas River House condo complex in Fort Lauderdale at the time of her death but was buried next to her grandfather in Augusta, Georgia.

The family information says that the Pileggi sisters are among eight siblings and that Angela was survived by two sons, who would now be around 17 years old.

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