Shrubs and love, man.
Shrubs and love, man.
via YouTube

Somebody Please Go On a Date With This Dude

Whoever this guy is, he's traipsing around Broward and Palm Beach counties, making hip-hop dating videos with lyrics like:

"I'm lookin' for a girl that I can call my Ms. Right (yeah) / 5'5, pretty, slender, and polite (Unh)."

The video was posted to YouTube a few days ago, and I just emailed the gentleman to ask him how it's going. For now, I just leave you with the video. Some of the best lyrics:

--"We'll go to Whole Foods and buy organic grapes"

--"I'll be protecting you like we were Edward and Bella/Take you shoe shoppin', girl, make you feel like Cinderella."

--"I'm not a jerk, i'm a real nice guy/I wear suits, button-ups, and nice ties."

--"Then we'll take a stroll down on the beach/I'll look you in your eyes and feed you a peach."

If you think this dashing suitor is for you, that email address again is And remember: "I know you're out there. This song is for you."

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