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Speeding Woman to PBSO Cop: "No Wonder You People Get Shot" (VIDEO)

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office hit up social media to show video of a woman saying "No wonder you people get shot" to a deputy who had pulled her over for speeding. The video, which PBSO posted on its Facebook and Twitter accounts, shows a traffic-stop video shot by the deputy's dashcam that occurred on the afternoon of September 1 on Boynton Beach Boulevard near Hagen Ranch Elementary.

"Keeping kids safe is a top priority," PBSO wrote on Twitter to accompany the video. "WATCH the reaction when we cited this woman going 51 MPH in a School Zone."

The woman, identified only as a 62-year-old, was apparently doing 51 in a 20 mph school zone. When the officer hands her a $600 ticket, she says, "No wonder you people get shot."

"Ma'am, ma'am," the officer tells the woman. 
"What?" the angry woman says.
"You are being cited for speeding. This explains what your options are. Drive safe."
"You know what?" the woman then says. "No wonder you people get shot. You're absolute assholes."

The officer cooly responds with a thank you, telling the woman, "I appreciate that."
"You're welcome," the woman says. "Have a nice day."

"This is a deputy trying to make sure that children are safe and don't get killed in a school zone," Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw told the media Thursday. "He was doing his job. And I think it's totally unacceptable for somebody to talk to a deputy or any law enforcement officer like that, when that's what they are trying to do to protect our children."

This is the second time in the past couple of months that PBSO makes news from calling people out via its social media. In July, PBSO sent out a tweet that went viral after it replied to someone who tweeted out that they wanted to buy weed.

The tweet was met with some derision, as it was obvious that whoever was running the PBSO Twitter account had searched "weed." 

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