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Spirit Airlines to Charge Fee for Boarding Pass; We Hope Bathrooms Are Still Free

Spirit Airlines, the Miramar-based discount carrier that makes your miserly 83-year-old grandpa look generous, has announced its latest fee: It will now cost five bucks to have a ticket agent print a boarding pass at the airport. And starting next June, they'll even charge customers a dollar for printing their own passes at an airport kiosk!

This is the same company that charges $30 for carry-on baggage and up to $60 for reserving a seat.

Spirit's nickel-and-dime fee strategy may drive some customers insane, but company execs insist they are only being helpful.

Fares will be reduced by $5 when the boarding pass fee goes into a effect, and checking in online will remain free.

"If you choose to check in online, you will save more than ever before. If you choose to continue checking in with an agent, you will see your fare go down as much as the new fee. It's a win-win for everyone," Spirit's chief marketing officer, Barry Biffle, said in a news release.

But who cares? It still feels like we're paying for every tiny detail of our cramped, smelly, stressful flying experience. I guess we should feel lucky they haven't started charging a fee to use the airplane toilet -- yet.

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Lisa Rab
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