Teacher Stole an iPad From Her School and Sold It at Best Buy, Police Say

According to Pinellas County cops, Julia King, a Dunedin Middle Schooll, was arrested for dealing in stolen property after she stole an iPad from her workplace.

What was the big tipoff the cops needed to nab her?

She traded in the stolen iPad at the Best Buy down the street for $145.

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If children are truly our future, our future is screwed.

(Unless the children go to Best Buy, where iPads are apparently being sold pretty cheap.)

Detectives assigned to the Burglary and Pawn Unit began investigating the case last September, when the iPad was reported stolen from Dunedin Middle School.

On May 8 of this year, a routine pawn inquiry by detectives revealed that the iPad had allegedly been sold by King to a local Best Buy on April 26 for $145.

Cops obtained a warrant for King, 34, who was arrested at a private residence in Palm Harbor.

King was transported to the Pinellas County Jail without further incident.

Although she made this shruggy face during her mug shot.

But other than that, no incidents.

According to deputies, King had been employed as a teacher at Dunedin Middle School and later transferred to East Lake High School.

The investigation is ongoing, but it might be an open-and-shut case once they see there's a label on the back of the iPad that says PROPERTY OF DUNEDIN MIDDLE SCHOOL.

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