Ten Reasons LeBron James Is the Most Clutch Player in the NBA and Why the Narrative That He Isn't Is the Dumbest Thing in Sports

The internet is full of stupid. You know this. We know this. But The Stupid doesn't shine quite as brightly as when LeBron James and the Miami Heat lose a single playoff game.

The Stupid was strong all day Thursday, following the Heat's Game 5 loss to the Indiana Pacers. Mainly because, with the game on the line and two Pacers defenders crashing in on him, LeBron decided to pass to a wide-open Chris Bosh in the corner. Bosh is very much capable of hitting that shot. It just so happens, he didn't (people do miss shots, even professional basketball people). The Heat lost, and the internet blew up.

The ridiculously asinine narrative of LeBron Is Not Clutch has inexplicably been lingering for years, despite hard evidence to the contrary.

But that didn't stop people from bringing it up AGAIN.

None more loudly than CBSSports' Gregg Doyel, who wrote a long screed about how LeBron did the wrong thing, even though it was the... right thing?

So, to once and for all set people like Gregggggg, and the rest of the LeBron Hating Brigade, straight, we present the ten reasons LeBron is not only clutch but THE MOST CLUTCH. And why you look so silly when you disagree:

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Chris Joseph
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