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Tim Tebow Considering Being Part of South Florida Morning Radio

A day after Tim Tebow was released by the New York Jets for not quarterbacking good, he's already getting the post-playing-days job offers. And by that, we mean radio.

Big 105.9 FM's the Paul and Young Ron Morning Show have offered Tebow a gig on their morning-drive radio program. And, according Paul and Ron's agent, Backup Jesus is seriously considering it. Or maybe he's just being the polite Christian and saying he's considering it.

Either way, Tebow on South Florida radio might be a thing soon.

"The show has been in touch with Tebow's agent and offered to have him on regularly as a sports commentator," Stu Opperman of impactplayers.com tells New Times via email. 

"[Tebow] is said to be evaluating the opportunity."

"Tim's a winner, and we like his work ethic," said Castronovo, who is a University of Florida graduate and huge fan of Tebow's. "Now that Tim is away from the enemy, we've made an offer for him to be a sports contributor on [the show] and are currently in negotiations to make that happen."

Tebow's agent, Jim Denton, has reportedly been reviewing the offer. Denton was told Tebow's role would be similar to that of Reggie Bush last season, when he would appear often on the program to talk all things Dolphins and football. Bush is also a Denton client.

"We feel Tim's positive attitude would be a great addition to our broadcast," said Castronovo, barely concealing his man-crush. "Heck, since we're the flagship station for Miami Dolphins football, Tim can give us some insight as to what the hated Jets are up to."

Like, for instance, how Geno Smith might be doing!

This would certainly be an experiment. Anybody who has heard Tebow speak during news conferences know he's not, let's say, the most eloquent. His words are choppy and cliché-soaked, and he always sounds like he's just come up out of the water for air, for some inexplicable reason.

But hey, Bush once broke the news that his girlfriend was pregnant on the Paul and Young Ron Morning Show, so you never know.

If nothing else, Tebow on South Florida radio would be sweet schadenfreude of a QB who the rest of the media (ESPN) really, really, really wanted to be a huge success but is now possibly relegated to talking on a morning zoo show.

The Paul and Young Ron Morning Show can be heard mornings from 6 to 10 on BIG 105.9 FM in Fort Lauderdale and Real Radio 94.3 and 101.7 FM in West Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast.

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