Tow Truck Driver Pepper Sprayed a Baby, Arrested For Bribery

Tow truck driver Ronald Tyler lets nothing get in his way when it comes to towing illegally parked cars throughout Fort Lauderdale.

Impossibly parked cars. Angry car owners. Babies.


Tyler ran into one such baby when he tried to tow the one-year-old's dad's car. So he pepper sprayed the baby.


According to a Broward Sheriff's Office report, Tyler, 22, who works for Carmel Towing, showed up to a party in the Olive Glen Community complex in Pompano Beach on Sunday evening where a bunch of cars had been parked illegally.

Tyler began to load one of the illegally parked cars onto his truck when the car's owner came out of the party with his wife and one-year old child.

The man began to plead with Tyler to give him a break and not take his car.

But Ronald Tyler is a tow truck driver with none mercy to give!

And by that we mean he allegedly pulled out a giant-ass pepper spray can and doused it on the man, the woman and, of course, that menacing baby.

According to the report, Tyler used a "Police Magnum OC-17" pepper spray can to take down the family of three that had so callously parked their car in a spot that was probably not marked "visitor."

When the cops arrived, Tyler continued to exercise his good judgement, and tried to bribe the officer who showed up to investigate the ruckus. He allegedly offered several bribes to the deputy before being hauled off on battery charges.

According to the report, Tyler offered the cop the name of a drug dealer he knew, and all the cash in his wallet, in exchange for his freedom.

Tyler told the Sun-Sentinel that he did no such thing.

Tyler also says that he was accosted by the driver of the car he was attempting to tow.

According to the tow truck driver, the man accused him of breaking his rear bumper and took a swing at Tyler. He also claims to have heard gun shots.

That's when he pulled out his Commando-style pepper spray and began firing.

Self defense was the name of Tyler's game. Babies and women were merely collateral damage.

Tyler claims he never saw the mother and child. He was arrested on charges that include bribery and three counts of battery.

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