Transworld Surf, Magazine Responsible for the Rise of "Bro," Folds Print Edition

If you see some bleach-blond dudes in baggies crying inside Barnes & Noble, there's good reason: Transworld Surf, one of the better surf rags to ever grace a magazine shelf, is folding its print edition.

The magazine has boosted the careers of many Florida surfers since its debut in 1999, including C.J. and Damien Hobgood and all-time great Kelly Slater.

Grind Media bought all the Transworld titles in May -- Transworld Skate, Transworld Business, and four more -- from Bonnier Media. It will close the print version of Transworld Surf in September.

The company put out a statement saying it will continue to publish Transworld Surf's website, plus the magazines Surfer and Surfing, as well as a standup-paddleboarding mag called SUP.

They will also dutifully continue to publish a women's/juniors title called Salted and the Surfing swimsuit issue.

Chris Cote, who edited Transworld Surf since its inception, said he was emotionally heartbroken but noted that the mag changed surf competitions by urging surfers to drop the boring moves and pull off radical, fun maneuvers like aerials. He also took credit (responsibility?) for the rise of the word "bro" and for inventing other "broisms" like "bromance."

Going forward, read Transworld Surf here.

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