Waymon Jenkins, AKA "Nut-Nut," Convicted in 2003 Shooting Death of Girlfriend

More than eight years after 34-year-old Waymon Jenkins -- who goes by the nickname "Nut-Nut" -- shot and killed his girlfriend in her apartment with a rifle, he was convicted by a jury yesterday of manslaughter with a firearm.

Although multiple witnesses said they saw Nut-Nut with a rifle in his hands outside of Quinshala Gray's Belle Glade apartment and the fact that Gray told police just before she died that Nut-Nut was the one who shot her, Nut-Nut maintained at trial that the shooting was accidental -- which the jury obviously didn't buy.

On August 19, 2003, a witness told police that he watched from the parking lot as Nut-Nut grabbed the rifle out of his trunk, and Gray started walking the other direction before Nut-Nut told her, "Get your fucking ass up these stairs before I..." and stopped talking once he noticed the other man in the parking lot, according to an arrest report.

The witness told police he knew the couple was Nut-Nut and Gray "due to stopping the male subject from beating the female subject on numerous occasions in the past," the report says.
Another witness told the cops he heard the gunshot about ten minutes after the two made it inside Gray's apartment.

The man then watched Nut-Nut leave the apartment with a bloody cloth wrapped around his hand.

He told police he watched Nut-Nut cry as he entered his car, before putting his hands on his face and eventually driving away.

Meanwhile, the witness' friend went into the apartment and told the man that Nut-Nut had just shot Gray.

Seven witnesses either watched the parking-lot scenario play out before the shooting or watched Nut-Nut leave the apartment after the gunshot, according to the police report.

Each of the seven identified Nut-Nut in a photo lineup as the person they saw.

Nut-Nut told the cops that he and Gray had not been fighting -- despite one of the witnesses telling police his wife watched Nut-Nut beat Gray earlier in the day -- and that the shooting was accidental.

Nut-Nut said he had a revolver in his pants, and when she grabbed his tank top near his waist, they both grabbed the gun and it accidentally discharged -- striking her in the head.

The cops said in the initial report that there were numerous inconsistencies in Nut-Nut's explanation of events.

Nut-Nut faces life in prison at his November 4 sentencing, given his prior felony convictions for possession of cocaine with intent to sell and attempted burglary.

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