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X-Rated Details on Platinum Showgirls Case

In a post Friday I quoted a former dancer who claimed that clubowner Matt Barrow was conscientious about the law and that he strictly forbade both drugs and sex with customers. She expressed doubt about investigators' claims that Barrow and club managers were aware of and profited from the dancers' illegal activities.

The South Florida media is still waiting for Boynton Beach Police to file the incident reports in connection with the October 30 raid of Platinum Showgirls, the alleged site of prostitution and drug-dealing.

But while we wait for those incident reports, let's take a closer look at what we know about the evidence in the case so far. It's contained in a probable cause affidavit, which contains decidedly pornographic language -- the type that you're not going to see on the network affiliates or daily papers.

It gets sleazy, after the jump.

The investigation, by the Boynton Beach Police Department Community Action Team, started in the first week of June, based on a tip of drugs, prostitution and alcohol-serving violations. The four-month investigation, provided a basis for 67 criminal charges.

On June 4, said the affidavit, "officers purchased cocaine from a dancer (when club manager Matthew) Willig was standing approximately 15 feet away and looking constantly in our direction." It recounts similar drug deals in each of the next three months -- none of which Willig took a direct role, but all of which happened within a proximity of 10-15 feet from him.

There are a slew of drug sales noted in the report, each sounding similar: The officer asks about drugs. The stripper then lists what she's got in her stash, then comes back from the dressing room with it.

Another manager, Gregory Lenox, was charged with felony public nuisance based on his being present during several sex acts by Platinum Showgirls dancers. The affidavit describes how dancers "agreed to provide a friction dance where one penetrated her vagina with her fingers while bending over. At this time the other dancer then gave the other oral sex." In that case, said the officer, Lenox was "five feet away and watching the acts."

That was in September, as was another alleged illegal sex act, when an officer describes being approached by two dancers, one of whom "started to lick the other's nipples."

Officer can see that manager Lenox had approached his table and was approximately five feet away watching the acts. the dancers then moved over the couch where one dancer had laid down and moved her panties to the side, exposing her vagina. The other dancer penetrated her fingers inside her vagina while the other performed oral sex.
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