Carl Sagan Day Pre-Event Dinner Tonight at Marumi Sushi

Carl Sagan Day Pre-Event Dinner Tonight at Marumi Sushi

Like Darwin Day but with a better sense of humor, the second annual Carl Sagan Day takes place tomorrow at Broward College Central Campus.

Hundreds of scientific minds with gather to celebrate the life and times of Sagan, the renowned astronomist, author, and pot smoker. Sponsored by the Center for Inquiry, the James Randi Educational Foundation, Florida Athiests and Secular Humanists, and Broward College, the conference should be a skeptical good time. James Randi, John Boswell, Hal Bidlack, and other celebrity guests will be lecturing and participating in workshops throughout the day.

For those who get all wobbly over the thought of meeting said

notable skeptics, thinkers, and scientists will have an opportunity to

share an intimate fund raising dinner with them tonight at Marumi Sushi

in Plantation. The restaurant will be closed from 5 to 7 p.m. for the

six-course dinner with drinks, which has a requested donation price of

$125, which will ensure more scientific oriented events like this in

the future.

More details are available here. The full menu is below:


Crispy baby bok choy with garlic and soy

Paired with sake


yellowtail w/ salsa

spicy tempura shrimp


spicy calamari salad with miso vinaigrette

crispy fish & onion salad


tuna and cilantro roll

salmon and basil roll

volcano roll



katsu curry




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