Florida Beer: Finn McCools Irish Red From Twisted Trunk Brewing

Florida Beer: Finn McCools Irish Red From Twisted Trunk Brewing

It's #FloridaBeerFriday, when we take a look at a beer brewed in the Sunshine State, giving analysis to the burgeoning craft-beer movement of Florida.

This week we're heading up to Palm Beach Gardens to find ourselves a new watering hole that goes by the name of Twisted Trunk Brewing, which opened last month.

In celebration of the upcoming Saint Patrick's Day festivities, I wanted to find the most Irish thing on the menu, and luckily Fran Andrewlevich and his team have put together a phenomenal Irish red ale, which is currently available at the brewery.

American craft drinkers might know an Irish red from beers such as Harpoon Hibernian Ale, Smithwick's Irish Ale, or even good ol' Beamish Red Ale if you can find it. It's a clean but moderately malty red colored ale, in flavor quite similar to a sweeter English bitters or the like.

Finn McCools pours an amber, almost copper color with a pleasant ring of white foam that lingers. The aroma is minimal, but hold a hint of earthiness to it. Taking a drink, I find myself in front of an open door of flavor, as if a pub has opened its doors and the sounds of a céilidh have spilled out. Flavors of honey wheat, butterscotch, and even a hint of buttery Belgian chocolate all shine out. They all play around and linger for a while, supported by a moderate body and bright carbonation.

Overall, it's a damn fine quaffable beer. At only 5.2% abv, it can even stand up to a bit of a session.

Twisted Trunk Brewery is located at 2000 PGA Blvd #5506 in Palm Beach Gardens. Visit facebook.com/twistedtrunkbrewing.

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Get out there and #DrinkLocal.

Doug Fairall is a craft beer blogger who focuses on Florida beers, and has been a homebrewer since 2010. For beer things in your Twitter feed, follow him @DougFairall and find the latest beer pics on Clean Plate's Instagram.

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