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Say No to GMOs With the Rally for the Right to Know Sunday

Do you ever find it a little odd that the leftover ears of corn you bought for the Labor Day cookout still sit in the back of the fridge with little to no signs of aging? Sure, this may sound awesome at first, but it has got to make you wonder about the long-term effects of eating genetically modified foods, no? While GMOs can promise a longer shelf life, they've also been linked to infertility, immune problems, environmental devastation, accelerated aging, and faulty insulin regulation. 

For these reasons among others, local grassroots groups have organized the Rally for the Right to Know, one of 100 satellite rallies being held across the country to help raise consumer awareness about genetically altered eats. October marks non-GMO month, and the organizers of these rallies are hoping to label all genetically modified organisms in the food supply. 

"Just recently, Monsanto's sweet corn has been approved and is set to hit the tables soon. Monsanto's BT toxin GMO corn is registered as an insecticide. Nine out of ten people when polled said they would not eat a GMO but little do they know, that they have been eating them at three meals a day," says today's organizer Trish Sheldon. "Forty other countries ban or label GMO's. Why? Because the people of Europe got loud, took to the streets and created a mandatory labeling procedure. We need to stand up for food here in the U.S."


The Rally for the Right To Know will happen Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. at the Yellow Green Farmer's Market (1940 North 30th Road, Hollywood). The day will be much more than a bunch of cardboard signs and chanting.  Sheldon says they will have live music, kids' activities, a puppet show by Autonomous Playhouse, organic food samples, tons of literature and guest speakers like radio show host Robert Scott Bell, Permaculture Miami's Marcus Thomson, Huffington Post Columnist Vaishali and Dr. Lynn Lafferty. Click here for more info.

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Terra Sullivan