TRON: Legacy">

Video: Daft Punk's "Derezzed" From TRON: Legacy

"I can almost reach... the fans."
"I can almost reach... the fans."

Ever since Daft Punk was linked with soundtracking the reboot of the TRON franchise, the anticipation has been a bit like standing in an ever-lengthening line outside a nightclub. Everyone says it's dynamite inside, but no one has actually been there. Well, the doorman (who looks a lot like Peter Weller) reluctantly gave us a look around the atrium that lasts just under three minutes -- with about two of them actually being music.

After so many, many fakeouts, this is definitely Daft Punk, and the footage of two cyborg-type humans jousting in a video game that might be as deadly as Stay Alive, but more slim-fit, and compelling. Decide for yourself if this is the new Kraftwerk below. The game has indeed changed.


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