The Eight Coolest Technology Startups in Broward County

When people think of startups, they might imagine a warehouse office in Silicon Valley, crowded with young software engineers who prefer T-shirts to suits. Think Google, Facebook, and billionaires under the age of 30. But could Broward County become the Silicon Valley of the East? Don't laugh! The burgeoning startup scene is nothing to sniff at. 

Last November, Fort Lauderdale-based RedCap Valet Service won $100,000 in a statewide startup competition. Then, in February, one secretive Dania Beach-based startup called Magic Leap secured close to a billion dollars in funding. Broward County is a lovely place to live and work, and more affordable than Miami (and Palo Alto!). Combined, these factors make Broward a decent breeding ground for entrepreneurs. 

So, here are the eight coolest startups based in Broward:

8. SetMusic
Dania Beach-based startup was founded by two 20somethings, Jesus Najera and Oscar Lafarga. Like any Google Bro, both have penchants for T-shirts and backwards caps. Their app allows artists to release their music or a certain deal to a specific retailer or venue. Then, in turn, the artist will get a royalty, the customers will get free music, and the venue or retailer will get more traffic. Win. Win. Win. 

7. Boatyard
This Fort Lauderdale-based company is all about convenience. It's meant for boat owners who don't want to hassle with chores. Instead of taking your boat to an actual boatyard for maintenance or fuel, the app will deal with it for you—delivering fuel, boat washes, and parts to you. 

The Eight Coolest Technology Startups in Broward County

6. InSite GPS
With offices in Coral Springs, this company is reworking our concept of GPS. No longer is it limited to the outdoors. InSite GPS lets you track movements inside a building. They've done this by mapping billions of square feet of inside space. Now you'll never get lost in big building or ask a receptionist for directions again.

The Eight Coolest Technology Startups in Broward County
via CarePredict

5. CarePredict
CarePredict is like the Apple Watch for seniors. It's a wearable watch-like band that has a sensor that tracks small changes in daily activities. It learns a person's daily activities and then alerts medical staff to any abnormalities dealing with anything from eating and sleeping habits to repetition of certain activities. This way staff can intervene before these tiny changes might lead to more serious problems. Based in Plantation, this company has already raised a million dollars

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