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Couple Sought in Alleged Art Theft From 26 Degree Brewing (Video)

Surveillance video from 26 Degree Brewing Co. captured two alleged thieves taking a piece of art from the brewery on April 15, according to owner Greg Lieberman. 

The video (shown below), which was posted to social media the next day, shows a man and woman walking toward the front exit. The video shows the man briefly turning around, presumably to make sure he isn't being watched, and walks out the door carrying something in his hand. 

According to the video, the woman grabbed the piece while the man was acting as her lookout, Lieberman says. 

Lieberman said it was a piece of art belonging to one of his friends who had it on display at the brewery. It wasn't cheap either. The piece is valued at least at $500, according to Lieberman.

"We can't get enough art for the ways here," Lieberman says. 

The couple was apparently doing a brewery tour when they decided to try to jack a piece of art that wasn't theirs. Had the bouncer been there, you probably wouldn't be reading this. 

"It was literally three minutes before my doorman showed up," Lieberman says. 

After the video was posted to the internet, other brewers recognized the couple immediately. Apparently the man in the video has a reputation for being an asshole. The couple have already made a name for themselves as they were spotted at Big Bear and Saltwater breweries before hitting up 26 Degree. 

"He got really pissed off that we did not sell growlers," Big Bear's Jeff Evans says on Facebook. "I tried to explain it to him that we were a brewpub and it was not legal. He got really upset and left to go to Saltwater. That guy will never be allowed in our establishment again."

But all is not lost. Lieberman said he knows the man's name because he left his credit card before walking out. After doing a quick search, Lieberman discovered that the man has a record and not a very pleasant one.

Lieberman already notified the cops, and the bandit couple may never show their faces in a South Florida brewery again. Once you slight one brewery in South Florida, they all come out against you. 

But even though it might have been blatant theft caught on video, Lieberman downplayed the incident. 

"They were probably a little drunk when they did it," Lieberman says. 

Check out the surveillance footage below: 

26 Degree Brewing Co. is located at 2600 E. Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach. Call 954-532-6964, or visit
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