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What does a newspaper editor know about balancing upright on the crest of one's skull? What could a newspaper editor possibly know about an ancient Indian practice that steadies the mind and flattens the stomach? Plenty, it seems. Last year Stuart Purdy, a former editor turned yoga guru, opened a tiny yoga studio in a warehouse space near the railroad tracks in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Although competition is slim in this land of implants and tummy tucks, Purdy's classes remain small and his attention very personal. We like the balance he achieves between strenuous and soothing. Your heart rate quickens as he helps you contort your body in ways you never imagined possible. It slows as he instructs you to lie on your back, breathing deeply, just shy of sleep. And the reward for all that twisting, straining, and heavy breathing? A euphoria that lingers far longer than a bong hit or a shot of tequila -- and no hangover either.

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